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Join Dr. Patel for Zumba on Sundays!

Call the office to sign up today! Zumba available to our patients and families 12 and over for free! We can’t wait to help you lose weight and feel great!- We are by your side to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

I am passionate about helping my patients and their family with achieving a healthy lifestyle. I know so many kids and adults who are overweight these days and it breaks my heart to see them in that position. I am ready to help if you are ready to commit! As a child, I struggled with weight and promised myself to find a way to be healthy. Over time, I realized that the biggest problem was my diet and that no matter how much I exercised I had to make dietary modifications as well as exercise. Over the years, I changed my diet, but it was not easy since change is hard and it is a slow ongoing process.