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Office Policies Sunshine Pediatrics of Lutz

Sick child visits

Please choose the sick waiting room for this visit.

It is our office policy to make appointments available to sick children on the day they are sick depending on the severity of their illness. We ask parents to call our office early, about 8:30 am, to ensure appointment availability. If your child is sent home sick from school, please call us as soon as the school calls you, if you want an appointment on that day. We do need to follow up any visits made at walk-ins or hospital ER or admits as soon as possible to ensure proper care and facilitate any additional management necessary.

Well-child visits

Please choose the well waiting room for this visit.

You may schedule well child visits with the doctor of your choice. Scheduling well ahead will help ensure a convenient time and allow for more choice. Please note summer is very busy for school checkups and sports physicals, and you are competing with all of the other school parents for choice appointment times. Be prepared to be flexible in order to meet the needs of your child and requirements of their school.

Schedule of routine physical examinations

✓ • 1-2 Weeks, • 1 Month, • 2 Month, • 4 Month, • 6 Month, • 9 Month, • 12 Month, • 15 Month, • 18 Month, • 2 Year, • Yearly after that until 18 years of age.

Go to the forms page where you may download from this website school related forms (sports, medical, etc.) needed to be completed at the time of your visit.

ADHD check ups

✓ Our doctors require regular follow-up appointments at 3-month intervals with a consistent doctor for an assessment of medications and success in school and at home. It is not possible to make all of these appointments after school as we try to save some after school sick appointments for that time. You may need to take your child out of school early or start their day late in order to comply with the importance of frequent follow-ups.

Late arrival policy

✓ Sometimes parents may have problems with their day that may cause them to be late for an appointment, which is understandable. However, frequent late arrivals without notification are not acceptable. The doctors plan their day around prescheduled appointments; parents must be considerate of the doctor’s time and the patients who have arrived on time.If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule for another day.


✓ If you need to cancel an appointment, please call us as soon as possible.Giving us 24 hours notice is preferred. There could be extra charges for “no shows”. Multiple “no shows” and no communication may result in your dismissal from our practice.

Consent to treat under 18 without parent or guardian

✓ If a child younger than 18 comes to our office without their parent or guardian a written authorization of permission to treat in the absence of the parent/guardian must be completed and brought to the appointment. The person accompanying the child must be prepared to pay the co-pay on behalf of the parent and present their driver’s license. No child under the age of 18 years old can be seen and treated without an adult 18 years of age or old to accompany the minor and a written consent from the Childs legal guardian.


✓ Please call for an appointment rather than just walking in to see the provider. However occasionally some conditions constitute a walk-in. Depending on availability, you may be asked to schedule a later appointment. A fee may be charged to your account for this service.

When to place an after-hours phone call

✓ In an emergency, call 911 at once. Here are some conditions that may warrant an after hours call:

  • Fever greater than 100.4 degrees rectally in child younger than two months old
  • Serious injury from a fall or accident
  • Unconsciousness
  • Rhythmical jerking and lack of consciousness (possible seizure)
  • Trouble breathing
  • A serious cut or burn
  • A head injury with loss of consciousness, confusion, headache, or vomiting
  • Ongoing pain in the right lower section of the abdomen
  • Decreasing responsiveness and less alert
  • Skin or lips that look blue or purple if light skinned or gray if darker-skinned
  • Please do not call for prescription refills or antibiotics over the phone or for non-emergent matters

Controlled medications

✓ You must allow 24 hours for refill requests of controlled medications for your child’s doctor to have time to write the prescription and have it available to you in your preferred office location. Please be mindful of holidays, vacations, and office closures that can sometimes impact the timely completion of the prescription. Calling a week in advance of your child running out of the medication can prevent possible pick-up problems. Controlled medications cannot be refilled if you do not keep your regular follow-up appointments. You must also keep your account in good standing by making regular payments. This is all for the protection of your child and our doctors.

School excuses/notes

✓ Many schools require a doctor’s note for missed days of school. We can only give a doctor’s excuse if the child has been seen by our doctors. At checkout, please let the receptionist know that you need a note to cover the time missed. If your child continues with an illness after seeing the doctor, we can write another school excuse for the extended time.

Urgent Visits/After Hours Visits

✓ In order to provide continuity of care and medical management we strive to do our best to extend our hours for urgent and sick care in the evenings and weekends and accommodate patients within 24 hrs to avoid unnecessary visits to Urgent Cares and Emergency Rooms. We are happy that we can provide these services to our patients.

✓ Urgent Visits are those that are made within 24 hrs and are made especially to accommodate sick or those patients needed to be seen within 24 hrs. These will be billed accordingly in addition as code 99058 or 99050 depending on what time they are made for.

✓ After Hours appointments are those made Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm and Saturday and Sundays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm and are billed accordingly and will be additionally coded as 99050.